With the evolution of technology and ability to find any type of information within seconds, customers became more demanding when it comes to information availability, simplicity and user experience. For those purposes, we have created SMART solutions in order to help our clients digitalize their businesses and keep up with the demanding customers and world trends.

Our applications are providing numerous functionalities such as:

  • Digital payments
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Loyalty programs and much more

The devices are networked and integrated on a common intelligent IT platform designed for:

  • Content management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Assisting with decisions making and more



Smart city is a comprehensive multifunctional solution that enables and completes the idea of technologically advanced city. With the help of Smart city solution, you will be able to increase the user experience of the visitors and locals and allow them to simply and quickly access the needed information.

Smart city solutions provides following functionalities to its users:

  • Digital payments
  • Tickets and tourist guides
  • Virtual Reality display of certain Point of Interest (POI)
  • Navigation and real time information about city offering
  • Loyalty programs and more

This solutions also helps your city management team with following functionalities:

  • Content management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring and much more

SMART Shopping

Smart shopping offers a wide range of multilingual digital services designed to increase interaction between customers and shopping centers. It helps customers enhance the fun shopping experience by providing functionalities such as indoor navigation to their favorite shops, digital payments, possibility to quickly go through specials offers, participate in loyalty programs and much more.

The devices are networked and integrated on a common intelligent IT platform designed for:

  • Content management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Increasing customer experience and more


SMART Parking

With the amount of cars in the cities growing each year, car users are struggling to find available parking spots in their favorite locations. Smart parking solution enables users to see in real time which parking spots are available and gives them possibility to use navigation to available parking spots.

With Smart Parking solution, a city can track the usability and availability of all parking surfaces by using fast sensors and camera technology.

Smart parking solutions provides following functionalities to the city officials:

  • Tracking occupancy of parking spots
  • Measuring time spent on parking lot
  • Content management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring and more



Smart Hotel solution enables and completes the idea of a technologically advanced and digitalized hotel environment which allows customers faster, easier and more accessible approach to hotel offers and services. With the help of Smart Hotel solution, customers will be able to digitally order and pay for service, use indoor and outdoor navigation, have access to special offers and loyalty programs the hotel offers and much more.

Solution will also enable administration of the hotel to use various functionalities such as:

  • Content management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Increase customer experience and much more


SMART Marine

Spending vacation time in the sea or ocean is beautiful experience, but can be tricky when it comes to the parking process. With Smart Marine solution you will be able to simplify the parking process for your customers by providing them with details and navigation to the available berth. Also, with the Smart Marine solutions you will be able to offer all of marine bay services such as restaurants, ship cleaning services, food or beverage delivery etc.

Using the Smart Marine application, users will be able to:

  • Get space reservations through the app
  • Navigate to the available berth
  • Use marine bay services

Smart Marine solution will allow marine bay administration staff to easily manage content, collect and analyze data and create reports for management, improve parking management system and much more.


SMART Museum

Museums that contain large amount of paintings, sculptures or different work of arts can be tricky for the visitors to find. With Smart Museum solution, you will be able to virtualize museums services, introduce easy navigation with digital audio and video guidance, and improve and simplify the existing processes of ticket purchase.

With the help of applications, users will have different solutions on tip of their fingers:

  • Ticket purchase
  • Indoor navigation
  • Audio and video guide
  • 3D virtualization

The museum official will be able to use the SMART solutions for:

  • Content management
  • Data collection and analysis and reporting
  • Customize customer experience and much more

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