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Stipe Šare  Co-founder, Senior Project Manager

Stipe Šare
Co-founder, Senior Project Manager

People should do what makes them happy. But usually that's not easy and it happens very rarely. In my best years, I found myself in a field that I really enjoy - project management.

Although, I can not say that I did not enjoy what I used to do before that. But somehow it was leading to that. I started as a programmer to the independent software engineer ... And then I transferred into business, leading the department, and finally leading the project. At the beginning, I have been completing short term courses in PM until I completed the final and it became a profession of mine. Along the way, I was leading more and more complex projects. It felt wonderful every time delivering successful finish. And it became a passion.

Why do I like it so much? Because, in the end, we deliver something (product or service) that makes life/business easier and better. Being part of such improvement feels great. It felt similar while I was programming, only in PM things are more complex and so the satisfaction is bigger.

Another thing that thrills me, is an interaction with so many different people and personalities with different culture and background in order to put a functional team in a good spirit. A team that will celebrate the successful end of the project and make the Universe a happier place.

Looking forward to lead your project.

Yours sincerely Stipe Sare

Tomislav Anadolac  Co-founder, Senior Project Manager

Tomislav Anadolac
Co-founder, Senior Project Manager

Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires, and needs. 

Success is what really motivates me. It thrills me to start working on new challenges and projects and accomplish them.  My career path combined with my personal goals lead me to project management - job that makes me happy and fulfilled.  Each project brings new challenges, changing environment, meeting new people and giving my best in various situations.

Delighted to manage your project.

Yours sincerely Tomislav Anadolac

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