We help you reduce costs and increase your efficiency.

By better managing your projects.

Project management is one of those things that looks easy – until you try it.


We provide professional project management services to numerous clients. Our know how and valuable experience provides the highest standards of the project management to our clients in order to realize business benefits and deliver projects within defined scope and budget and in time.

Our teams can manage the projects of all sizes and complexity. We can assign multi-skilled team or single project managers depending on the complexity of the projects.

In the field of Project Management, we provide the following services:

  • Project recovery – your project is in trouble and need help to get back on track? Our PMs will be able to quickly recognize the issue and propose the correcting actions to ensure that projects is done in time and according to the project scope.
  • Programme Management – having trouble with managing a group of related projects? We can help your team to efficiently coordinate and align the related projects and finish them in the desired time while maintaining the high quality. 
  • Project Management Office – whether it comes to establishing the new PMO or improving the existing one, we are able to assist you using tailor made PM methodology which will shape the processes to best fit your requirements.
  • Portfolio Management – with the help of various Portfolio Management tools, we will help your PMO to be more efficient and achieve its maximum potential.
  • Project Health Check – your project is struggling and in need of assessment? Our Project managers will be able to evaluate the processes inside the project and propose corrective action which will make your project more agile and effective; this will allow your team to focus on quality instead of formalization



BPM is a discipline designed to improve corporate performance using various methods in order to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes.


Business processes are important assets of an organization that must be understood, managed and developed in order to deliver value-added products and services to clients or customers. Optimized business process will allow you to cut unnecessary costs and increase your revenue stream while delivering faster and more reliable service or product to your customers.

Making the right decisions is crucial in today’s fast pace business environment. We can help ensure your company to be as efficient and effective as possible in order to deliver high end products and services quickly to your respected clients.  

Our experienced team with more than 10 years of experience working on big and international projects is ready to assist you in shaping and managing the right business processes for your company from start to finish. Using various basic and advanced tools such as process charter, SIPOC, VOC-CTQ matrix, QFD and many more, we will setup up a BPM methodology in your organization as well as help your employees improve their skills and knowledge in BPM methodology. This will allow your organization to constantly challenge status quo and seek improvement for business process.

Many organizations have greatly improved their operating efficiency and reduced errors by using Business Process Management (BPM) techniques to discover, document and continuously improve business processes, allowing them to be executed more quickly and repeatedly using enterprise software infrastructure.



With the fast changing business environment, more demanding customers and constant technological changes, business need to quickly adapt to the changes in order to stay toe to toe with the world trends and competition.


Our consulting services focus on our client’s critical challenges and opportunities:

  • Strategy – we help you develop a strategy that best fits your business and will allow you to stay ahead your competition
  • Organization – when it comes to achieving organizational goal, not all companies managed to do that. Our experience and „know how“ methodology  will help your organizational units unlock its full potential and achieve the organizational goals.
  • Operations – we help our clients transform their services operations while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability.
  • Technology – out IT experts will be able to assess current IT systems and present your management team solution that can help the organization to be more efficient.
  • Digital Transformation – we can help you with the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business. This will allow you to be more competitive and constantly challenge status quo.
  • Advanced analysis – With the help of various tools, we are able to generate new information, recognize patterns and predict outcomes and their probabilities which will help you take better business decisions.
  • Data Governance and Security – security of the data is one of the most important thing in the organization and such need to be handled properly. Our team will help you design and implement the best practice solutions for your organization.

Our team of experts can help your organization with a variety of best-practice solutions. We are able to evaluate your compliance position as well as develop and implement a best-fit compliance framework.

We offer tailored services to assist your organization in aligning with current noteworthy trends and with regulatory changes such as:

  • Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With the European GDPR regulation setting new security standards to the organizations, our consultants can help your organization to adjust to the regulation and avoid unnecessary backlash both from regulatory agencies and unsatisfied customers.


Our approach to the GDPR can be divided into 4 phases:

  1. Education – in this phase we educate the employees and the Data Protection Officers about the changes that the regulation demands and what it will mean for their daily assignments
  2. Assessment of current situation (AS IS) – in this step we evaluate current legal, organizational and technological compliance to the regulation. We are defining what the personal data is for the organization, evaluating processes where personal data is processed, who has access to it etc.
  3. GAP analysis – with the information from the previous step we are creating the gap analysis to see which areas organization needs to change in order to meet the regulation standards. We are creating a detailed TO BE scenario which we present to the management board.
  4. Implementation – implementation is the most demanding phase. We are providing advisory services to our client throughout the whole implementation process to make sure our clients are fully complied with the regulation.

External DPO

The Feedback service of the "External Data Protection Officer" provides a key expertise and a cost-effective alternative to the employment of the Data Protection Officer. Feedback offers a team of professionals who are committed to performing all DPO activities for your organization, in accordance with the responsibilities that would be assigned to the "responsible person" in the organization.

The External Data Protection Officer's service includes:

  • Performing all duties of the Data Protection Officer
  • Harmonizing the business with GDPR and applicable legal regulations in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the organization
  • Education for the employees of the organization
  • Assistance with alignment with the Regulation
  • Counseling on specific issues related to personal data protection and treatment
  • Establish the required processes and reporting policies
  • Help in choosing the right personal data protection strategy
  • Caring for communication with the regulator
  • Prepare an organizational team to assume the role and responsibility of managing personal data

GDPR readiness assessment for small organizations

Activities include:

  • Education of employees and members of the GDPR team,
  • Review the maturity and current status of the organization,
  • Identification of key features and business processes of the organization in terms of data collection and processing,
  • Identification of the scope and purpose of processing personal data,
  • Identification of the mandatory elements of harmonization with regard to the organization's specifics,
  • Evaluation of existing organizational and technical controls and analysis of existing documentation,
  • Assessment of the readiness and level of GDPR compliance of the organization,
  • Develop a plan and guidelines for achieving compliance with GDPR requirements and recommendations for the next steps

The results of the service provided are:

  • Report for responsible persons within the organization with the following characteristics:
    • Executive Summary,
    • Analysis of the organization's state of affairs,
    • Description of areas of increased risk level and exposure of companies in the context of the GDPR regulation,
  • Develop a plan and guidelines for achieving compliance with GDPR requirements and recommendations for the next steps
  • Templates of important documentation, examples, and instructions for customizing the organization's specifics